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The Luxuries that Homebuyers Aspire For

Living in luxury is often measured by the grandeur of one’s home. In a high-rise condo setting, luxury is perhaps defined by how your building’s architecture is sophisticatedly designed, or maybe how spacious your living suite is and how you elegantly furnished your interior. Probably, you also define luxury by how much high-end feel can you experience whenever you pass through your stylish lobby and elevators, or whenever you use your world-class recreational amenities. But in an alternative perspective, there are more meaningful and valuable luxuries that homebuyers are really aspiring for.


Luxury of Time


Congested traffic consumes too much of our time. Instead of spending more quality time with our family, we often waste it in travelling to and from our workplace. Our kids may also suffer the same dilemma; their time for accomplishing their homework or doing some fun playtime is often devoured by traffic. That’s why choosing a home near business districts and schools often comes on top of the list. The two-tower Mango Tree Residences along M. Paterno and Ledesma Streets in San Juan City is a perfect example of a highly accessible residence that can get you rid of being caught in traffic jams especially during rush hours.


Being back at home early from a long tiring day can give your family some priceless time not just to dine together, but perhaps to cook your meals altogether in your kitchen. Parents guiding the kids in finishing their school assignments and projects, streaming a movie or hitting the videoke in your living area, are some of the precious daily luxuries that a family can indulge in when they have not wasted their luxurious time just because of traffic.


Luxury of Safety


Nothing compares your family’s safety and security whenever you live in a condo as you are ensured with 24/7 surveillance by CCTVs and security personnel. As you enjoy your own living space and be delighted with your shared amenities and facilities such as swimming pool, fitness gym, yoga station, alfresco lounge and landscaped gardens, you are safe in a controlled environment.


At Mango Tree Residences, you will have a topnotch property management team that will be in-charge of setting and implementing house rules and regulations for every resident’s welfare. Such efficient administration of the property will assure you that your community stays tightly secured, well-maintained and child-friendly.


Luxury of Space


While it is anyone’s dream to have his or her own single detached house on a lot, the more practical condominium lifestyle provides you an adequate space for living in comfort and convenience. The luxury of your living space is not just measured by how much floor area in square meters or square feet have you acquired, but by how much you can do in your property.


Your space-efficient two-bedroom suite at Mango Tree Residences will elevate your family’s standards of luxury living in the city. Should the new normal of work-from-home and online school set-up be prolonged, you will definitely find your niche in your high-rise home.  Though you have your shared fitness gym at the ground level, you may also designate your private workout area in your condo suite should you wish to exclusively do your Yoga or Zumba routines. Feel free to unleash your green thumb and decorate your room with indoor succulents. Be creative in maximizing your own personal space as you desire.


Two-bedroom suites at Mango Tree Residences start at 45.15 square meters, with wider options up to 51.75 square meters. Luxurious residential developer Empire East offers irresistible promo discounts and flexible payments terms that make your purchase of a luxury home more achievable. Call us today at (02) 8810-3333 or 0917-8EMPIRE (367473), or send us an email to You may also follow our official social media accounts for more updates.


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