Mango Tree Residences
Mango Tree Residences Mango Tree Residences
The Advantages of On-Stilts Architectural Design

In Metro Manila where there is scarcity of land, vertical living has been an in-demand lifestyle. The convenience and advantages of residing in condominium developments have already been realized by many Filipino homebuyers whose majority generally used to prefer traditional houses. The construction boom of high-rise condos is significantly evident in numerous key locations of the metropolis, including exclusive areas that only used to have horizontal communities.


A perfect example is San Juan City that is well-known for exclusive villages such as the Greenhills subdivisions and other neighborhoods filled with mansions and townhouses. But over the years, San Juan City has witnessed the mushrooming of mid-rise and high-rise condominiums. One of the most prominent to rise is the two-tower Mango Tree Residences at a prime corner lot along M. Paterno and J. Ledesma Streets, that will soar at 38 and 34 levels in this serene neighborhood.


To sustain its sense of privacy and exclusivity, its developer, Empire East, will adapt an on-stilts architectural design. The two high-rise towers will be standing on a podium supported by strong stilts or pillars at the ground level, creating an impression that the building stands at a distance above the ground. This on-stilts architecture provides the following advantages in the development of the project that will eventually benefit its future residents:


Preservation of nature. The 3,000-square meter land where Mango Tree Residences will stand is naturally filled with decades-old trees, mostly huge fruit-bearing mango trees to which the development is named after. These mango trees at the perimeter of the property will not be cut down, instead, they will be preserved and that becomes possible because no walls or large concrete structures will be built at the ground level. The stilts or posts will allow the natural mango trees to continue growing and bear fruits.


More open spaces. Aside from the preserved mango trees, sprawling landscaped gardens will be added to the ground level in the extra space made possible by the on-stilts architectural design. There will also be an open space for a grand porte-cochere or drop off area, and a spacious al fresco lounge outside each tower’s lobby. The swimming pool does not also need to be completely indoors because of the extra outdoor space created by the stilts. We cannot deny that 3,000 square meters is not too expansive, but the on-stilts design is an intelligent solution to provide more open spaces.


Natural flow of sunlight. With more open space comes an avenue where the sunlight can naturally flow. From the frontage along M. Paterno Street, to the side area of J. Ledesma Street, to the back portion where you can find the 25-meter lap swimming pool, daytime will never be gloomy as the ground level becomes well lit—and that includes the residential lobbies of both West Residences and East Residences, whose walls are mostly made of glass instead of concrete. Being naturally lit may also reduce the consumption of electricity for unnecessary lighting during daytime.


Efficient air circulation. It is not only the sunlight that can freely flow but also the air. In a tropical country like the Philippines, ventilation is a primary consideration. Nobody wants to be in a congested and cramped place that lacks air circulation, and that is being addressed by the on-stilts design of Mango Tree Residences. Imagine being surrounded by natural mango trees and the fresh air circulates in between the stilts—that’s totally refreshing.


Sense of grandeur. The stilts at the ground level of Mango Tree Residences provide a true sense of luxury and grandeur because they do not only create an extra open space horizontally, but also vertically. There will be a double-height ceiling up to more than 9 meters, not only in the exterior but also inside the residential lobbies. Riding in and getting out of each high-speed passenger elevator will feel like being on a five-star hotel because of the grandness created by the on-stilts architectural design. Moreover, anyone driving through or passing along M. Paterno Street will surely be in awe and astonishment as they look to the property and see no concrete walls but sprawling gardens, huge mango trees, and open spaces.


But the real grandeur and exclusivity take place in each residential suite. Experience ultimate privacy as each floor only hosts around 9 to 12 suites, and only 6 suites at the penthouse level. Enjoy a spacious two-bedroom suite starting at 45.15 square meters, with wide glass windows that do not only allow natural flow of air and sunlight, but also provides a spectacular and unobstructed view of the metro skyline.


Learn more about this prestigious on-stilts development rising in the heart of San Juan City. Call (02) 8810-3333 or 0917-8-EMPIRE (367473), and you may follow @empireeast and @mangotreeresidences for more promos and updates.


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